Surviving with Flowers

This morning I was delighted to find a single daffodil blooming and “dancing” in the wind in my garden. Spring arrived two days early, I thought. The first daffodil pushing up through grey and lifeless dirt was a promise that nature renews itself with regularity each year, a promise for my summer gardens of pink ice plant, purple salvia, and others to come later, and a promise that my life will be beautiful. 

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Linda Lundgren
An Awesome Day

Faint early morning light peaked through spare tree branches, buds swelling with the promise of spring. My mountain view, snow covered still promising winter, completed a quiet, peaceful scene. Suddenly a fox, nose to the snow, darted this way and that through bits of light brown vegetation poking through a white drift. I stepped out on the balcony, four floors up, and saw the bushy tail trailing a body of reddish grey as it hunted for mice below the snow. 

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John B Holt Comment