An Awesome Day

Faint early morning light peaked through spare tree branches, buds swelling with the promise of spring. My mountain view, snow covered and still promising winter, completed a quiet, peaceful scene. Suddenly a fox, nose to the snow, darted this way and that through bits of light brown vegetation poking through a white drift. I stepped out on the balcony, four floors up, and saw the bushy tail trailing a body of reddish grey as it hunted for mice below the snow.  When the fox disappeared behind a tall shrub, I looked again at the thin light lining the mountain peaks and heard the harsh call of a raven, while two magpies flew one after another just below the balcony. The brisk air was cold on my face as I watched someone walking a dog on the bike path. I thought about how, in the past, nature helped me heal and gave me peace, and now provides a sense of appreciation for the life I have.

Stepping indoors, I started the process of making blueberry pancakes, sausages, and hot chocolate for my two grandchildren. The griddle sizzled with pleasing aroma while the microwave dinged that hot chocolate was ready. Tired grandchildren, phones already in gear with video games beckoning, poured maple syrup while murmuring quiet thank yous.  Not too lively in the morning, I thought. After clearing plates to the sink, they knew their routine and silently dressed in their ski gear. So serious these grandchildren of mine!  They know how to take care of themselves and be ready for alpine ski training. 

“What will you be doing with your coaches today?” I asked.

“Will be an awesome day. We get to free ski ‘cuz the team couldn’t get lane space today. That means some skiing in the trees!” They were clearly very excited about a break in the usual routine that they also love, of training for slalom, giant slalom, and Super-G. 

When I dropped them off at the mountain, I thought about how different their lives are than mine was at their age. They have so many people who love them, give them every opportunity to be who they want to be, and help them make good choices. I am so lucky to have these talented, loving, caring children in my life. 

John B Holt1 Comment