A Survival Story

A Childhood Memoir set in 1950's Massachusetts 


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Hello, and welcome...


Hello, and welcome to my world! My name is Linda Lundgren, and I love being a wife, proud mother of two, and delighted grandmother of four. My husband Rich, my high school sweetheart, and I have been married for 53 years. Professionally I enjoyed teaching science and language arts. I am especially gratified to be coauthor of a science textbook and other science materials for a major textbook publisher. My biology book is a best seller in the U.S. and has been translated into several languages.



After 30 years...

After 30 years of writing about science, I decided it would be an enjoyable new challenge to write in a different genre, so I am writing a memoir of my western Massachusetts childhood. At best, my writing covers the endurance of serenity and love, at worst the persistence of pain and terror. Turning the pages, readers may feel, as I did, the horror of violent abuse, the comfort and relief I created, and learn what I did to escape.



I am excited...

I am excited to write to you on this site about three topics:

1. Stories about how I survived my childhood growing up in the ‘50s with a violent and abusive father and a very ill mother.

2. A blog of vignettes about my past and present.

3. Information about how I write, with lots of writing tips and prompts, especially about writing a memoir.



Please join in...

Please join in by reading, commenting, and sharing my bi-weekly blog posts. Every two weeks I will add a new post, sharing insight into my life, and the writing process. My hope is that you will find the updates relatable, and I welcome your feedback in the comments section. My aim is to build a community where people feel empowered to share their experiences, a place where they learn and grow together in a respectful and reciprocal manner. 





The information contained in this website is reflective of the author's personal experience, and is not to be construed as medical advice or direction to act. If you or someone you love is the victim of domestic abuse, please contact the authorities in your community and or seek out professional assistance in the form of a licensed social worker, therapist, and or police officer.